DIY Greek Yogurt Parfaits = A Delicious Apology

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'll be the first to admit it... some days I totally fail at being a wife. 

The other night I was out and about in one of the northern suburbs, helping a gal put together a bazillion wedding escort cards (yes, a bazillion.  As in a few dozen more than a "whole bunch" and slightly less than "a bajillion") when I got a call from Reuben.

Him:  I noticed the floor in the bathroom is damp.  Did the toilet leak?
Me:  Nope, I was scrubbing the floor and accidentally overturned the bucket.  It may still be wet.
Him:  The bath mat is hanging up, did you wash it?
Me:  No.  I hung it to dry when it got wet from the water
Him:  It looks dirty, shouldn't it be washed first?
Me:  Um, sure.  (<-- I am very eloquent at times.)
Him:  Well, there are spots on it and stuff from the water.  It should have been put in the wash.
Me:  Of course dear, whatever you say.  I'll wash it tonight when I get home. 

Or at least, that's probably what I should have said.  But I'm a redhead, and it was 10 pm, and I had been running on two hours of sleep.  So what really came out was something more like:


We hung up pretty quickly after that, and after I spent about thirty seconds fuming not-so-silently I had to admit to myself that I overreacted and (although I DO stand by the fact that washing is an equal-opportunity chore) he probably didn't deserve to get snipped at. 

See?  I can be rational.  Occasionally. 
(You're agreeing with me, right?  Smile and nod....)

Don't worry... it all ended well.  I got home, we both apologized, yaddah yaddah.  (He explained he wasn't asking me to do it, he just wanted to know if it was done already so he wouldn't double-wash itWhoops!).  Hugs and Disney feelings all around.   But it was a good reminder to me that as much as I like to think I'm a half-decent helpmate, I still have a loooong way to go.    (Also, it shows that any conversations after 10pm should probably be limited to "my, it's dark outside," or "wow, dear, you are looking fabulous without makeup tonight."     If all else fails, just stand in the corner and throw me chocolate until I'm (1) fat and happy, or (2) asleep.)

As for the picture... these DIY fruit and yogurt parfaits are a fabulous way to save some money, save time in the morning, and also have a healthy breakfast that you can take with you.    Additionally, if you're a consummate jar-hoarder like myself, it's a nice way to put them to good use. (The one in the picture is a glass gravy jar, but anything will work).    I make one for Reuben each morning, since it's one of the few things he'll eat for breakfast besides "coffee" and "more coffee".  

To assemble, simply layer greek yogurt, some granola, and various fruit combinations on top of one another and then store in the fridge.   Easy, right?   They're perfect for breakfast because they are portable, can be made the night before (or even a few days ahead of time), and only cost pennies - especially if you make your own yogurt and/or granola (I'll post how to do that soon).    If you're worried about the granola getting soggy, simply fill with layers of yogurt/fruit ahead of time and leave some room on top, then add the granola in the morning before you head out the door.   

They also score major brownie points with loved ones which are always nice to have.
(Pardon me while I go make about five million more of these)  

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