All I want for Christmas is a pony... and some feedback

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I worked at a large corporate headquarters where they had a very popular saying:  "Feedback is a gift."

Of course some people took this literally, handing out gifts left and right like it was Christmas, your Birthday, and Valentine's Day all rolled into one.   Around annual review time, especially, it wasn't uncommon to see people walking around in a daze, the telltale glossy-eyed look on their face that comes when you've just had feedback piled on top of feedback, only able to mutely nod when we'd take one look at them and ask simply "Gifts?"

Today, I'm asking y'all to be givers.

It occurred to me last night as a thousand different post possibilities were whizzing through my head like small caffeine-and-crack-fueled ferrets and making it impossible to pare through all the things I wanted to share that the best way to figure out what to write about on here would be to... you know.... ASK YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO READ.

Novel thought, right?   I'm a genius.

So I'm putting this out there today and asking everyone and their mom (hi, Mom!) to comment and let me know what you'd like to see here.   (See that link at the bottom of the post that says "Add a Comment"?  Go ahead, click it!  It's fun!  Whee!)  Recipes?  Frugal tips?  DIY projects?  Stories and anecdotes about my life and all its craziness?   In short:  What would make this useful, relevant, and keep you coming back for more?   

Opinions, thoughts, feedback... it's all good!   Post once, twice, fifteen times... whatever floats your boat.  Just be sure to post, so I'm not hanging here like that guy waiting for the other guy to high-five him.    That's just awkward.  

Feedback is a gift. 
And one you don't have to worry about wrapping. 

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3 Responses to “All I want for Christmas is a pony... and some feedback”

  1. I can't cook worth a dang, my hubby does it all, so the recipes would be for others. I am not especially frugal, because I am married to Mr. Tight and he penny pinches with the best of them. Are you noticing a theme here? DIY Projects? Got my own. But you, I like. Tell me about your life and what's in it.

  2. Your writing style already has me coming back time and time again. While I love the recipes, I would like to see and hear about some of your DIY projects. I love to sew and craft and do the DIY stuff myself, so to read about some of your projects, I am sure would be entertaining (for me anyway). I also like hearing about you and Reuben.

  3. More recipes and life would be fun to read. I love to bake and always enjoy a new recipe