Hello, Bandwagon!

Monday, January 19, 2015

There are some things in life I will never understand. 

Fingerless gloves, for example. 

Or skydiving.  I mean, who was the first person who looked out the window of an airplane and thought "gee, this 30,000 ft. thing is fun and all but you know what would be a REAL blast?  Strapping an oversized bedsheet to my back and then launching myself out that tiny door over there!  Super Awesome!"?

But one of the top things I don't quite get is the idea of New Year's Resolutions. 

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for resolutions.  Continually working to improve yourself and making changes to make things even better (a la Kaizen)?   Where do I sign up!!!    Finding new ways to be overproductive and grow as a human being?  Heck yes!!!  Trying to be even more perfectionistic?  *squeals in pure glee*   

What I DON'T understand, however, is the idea of waiting until once a year to do this.   Have a burning desire to lose weight/ get healthy/ take up a hobby/ arrange your sock drawer alphabetically?  Why not just do it?   If you know you can be better and want to make a change, why wait until once a year?   Or did I miss the memo entitled "Attn: For best resolution follow-through, you should start on January 1?"  (Which I secretly suspect also came out around the time they sent the memo announcing that all diets need to begin on Mondays)

Still, I admit that there is a lot I can improve on, one of which being this little 'ol blog.   It's one of the things that always seems to slip through the cracks, in favor of other things that seem less selfish (Blog = Hi world! Let me spend an hour talking all about myself!  Me! Me!) or more productive.   Like...you know...laundry-and-dishes-and-making-kanzashi-and-color-coding-my-sprinkles-and-stuff.  

So what I'm saying here is...

Scootch over people, and make room for one more on the 'ol bandwagon.  

I'd like to try and post here more regularly, let's be gentle and say once a week.  The posts may not be perfect, but it's probably a good exercise in taking some time for ME and writing down some of the crazy thoughts that swirl around my head on a daily basis.    Oh, and this is also where YOU lovely people come in.   If you see me start to not post, can you please poke me?    Leave a comment.  Send a message.  Or (for those who live nearby) stop on over and whap me upside the head and tell me to SNAP OUT OF IT AND GET YOUR BLOGGING ON ALREADY, WOMAN!   

So whatever your New Year's resolution is this year, let's do this thing together.  
I'll poke you if you poke me.  

(You know what I mean.  Mind out of the gutter, people...)  

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